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 If you enjoy the ocean as much as I do, then you will like what you see. Growning up in So Orange county and having a passion for the ocean. I now spend most of my shooting time, capturing Mini Wave images and shooting surf photography in and out of the water. My favorite spots are Cresent Bay in Laguna and Makenna Beach in Maui. The wave images I capture have amazing detail, as they were naturally, beautifully created. You just don't notice all it's detail while they're breaking on the shore. Through my Canon lenses I can share this with you.

I wish I could say I created the images here, I just captured the moment. 

Sea Turtles.... if you have never swam with Sea Turtles this is the best I can do except bring them here. I can't even explain what it's like, but its definitely a must doSea turtles can be found in the Ocean Life gallery.

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Oceanscape Art

These are some of my favorite images. Mini shore break waves. From Laguna beach to Lahaina, Maui to the Bahamas. 

Oceanlife Art

Green Hawaiian sea turtles to sea birds in the Bahamas,  Whales feeding in Monterey,  Eagle rays, giant Baracuda and whale bursting out of the water in Puerto Viarta 


Everything surfing from Boogy boarding the wedge to getting barreled at Blacks. Paddle surfing and body surfing. If you would pictures of yourself surfing or Paddle surfing, click here for more info.    Surf 

Landscape Art

Images from around Cal. If you would pictures of yourself su


Jeffrey Dean

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